Supporting the
arts & artists in Northern Wisconsin

Mission: What We Do

The Chequamegon Bay Arts Council is a non-profit member organization that supports, develops, and promotes art and artists in northern Wisconsin.  CBAC was establishes in 1981 and accomplishes the mission by providing:

  • Grants and scholarships in support of artistic development, creation, and presentation
  • Communication with members and the public through various media
  • Art exhibitions, workshops, and special events, including annual fundraising and
  • Membership activities designed to enable us to meet our goals

Vision: What We Want​
To assure that residents and visitors have access to art's enriching possibilities

​Values: Why We Do It

Because we believe that:

  • The arts enrich lives, promote community, foster creativity and showcase diverse cultural perspectives in positive ways
  • The arts foster understanding of our unique place through time
  • Artists need assistance to grow, so our orgainzation invests in the future of the arts