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“Art Heals: The Healing Power of Art” is the theme of CBAC’s 2019 spring show. 

Call for ALL art forms!
Drawing and Painting, Music, Dance, Spoken Word, Carving, Fiber Arts, Sculpture, Jewelry, Drama, Flower Arrangment, Poetry, Story, Photography....

The relationship between art and health or trauma has been the subject for reflection from classical times.

Art heals. It can lift, brighten, lighten, and enlighten. It informs, teaches, edifies, and can sanctify. It helps us uncover, reveal, confront, forgive, descend, ascend, and transcend. And often delivers the gift of healing for both the creator and for those with whom it is shared.

  • Deadline to deliver artwork to Washburn Cultural Center: February 28 and March 1
  • Show Dates: March 7-29
  • Opening Reception: March 7, 5-7pm at the Washburn Cultural Center
  • Madeline Hart Presentation: March 13, 3-5pm
  • Pick up artwork at WCC between 10am and 3pm: March 29

**The inspiration for the Art Heals: The Healing Power of the Arts exhibit came from Madeline Hart, local artist and spiritual leader, sharing her powerful story of healing. CBAC is proud to sponsor an opportunity for Madeline to share her story more broadly. Join us for a special presentation from Madeline on March 13, 3-5pm at Washburn Cultural Center.